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Monkeys Make You Laugh Out Loud

We're getting up to some monkey business in this laugh-out-loud special!

We’ve got monkey criminals, magic and mirrors, cheeky monkeys, monkey pals, banana loving primates, baby monkeys, monkeys vs cameras, monkeys out on the town, and monkeys acting like us humans.

We go behind the scenes to meet photographer David Slater. In 2011 he travelled to the jungles of Indonesia to take pictures of the rare Celebes Crested Macaques. But the monkey’s wouldn’t allow David to get close enough for him to take pics of them. However one of their troupe was more than happy to take selfies of himself using David’s equipment. One resulting image would end up being the most famous selfie in the world and would bizarrely find David in hot water with an animal rights charity over who actually owned the copyright – David or the monkey.

Next up we’ll meet Rajang a 47 year old male orangutan who was filmed kissing the baby bump of pregnant Maisie Knight. The resulting clip is one of the most heart-warming videos on the web and has been viewed millions of times.

Finally we meet South African Howard Fyvie. In 2015 he came to the rescue after a troupe of Baboons broke into a holiday let, next door to where he was staying. Courageously he took on the monkeys and chased them all off. The resulting footage and his run in with the troupes Alpha Male, has become an internet smash and has made Howard a hero in his homeland. Sort of!

Monkey-loving comedians Dave Spikey, Ellie Taylor and Des Clarke are on hand to enjoy all the fun, and pet behaviourist Peter Neville adds a bit science to the mix.

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