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A criminal psychologist helps police when the US president goes missing while in Sweden.

Excitement, love, revenge and hidden secrets that threaten to ruin everything. Series two of Modus starts off with the American president, Helen Tyler (Kim Cattrall), on a State Visit to Stockholm when, under mysterious circumstances, she vanishes without a trace. 

During the intensive police work, a power struggle is taking place between a panicstricken USA and a liable Sweden, as the threat to one of the world’s most powerful people rocks the world. 

Inger Johanne (Melinda Kinnaman) and Ingvar (Henrik Norlén) are drawn into pursuing the truth, but it soon becomes clear that nobody can be trusted. 

At the same time, Inger Johanne and Ingvar themselves are in the midst of the greatest change in their shared life; they have moved in together and are soon having a baby. 

But everything comes to a head upon the arrival of Warren Schifford (Greg Wise); Inger Johanne’s former FBI mentor and the president’s right-hand man.

His unexpected arrival forces Inger Johanne to confront painful secrets from her past as Warren once again worms his way into her life. 

Series two of Modus is a story of deceit, revenge, and morality. A story of hidden secrets, which, if they come to the surface, can upend everything, and how much people are willing to sacrifice to keep them hidden.

Stream on Season 2 OnDemand from Monday, 1st May. 

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