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Modern Life is Goodish

Dave Gorman thinks modern life is good...ish.

Tired of endlessly being sold stuff he doesn't need, feeling manipulated by the media and harassed by technology, he’s become slightly obsessive about the 'ish'. But instead of letting it drive him mad he's decided to fight back. A bit. Sort of. Ish. 

So he’ll be sharing his observations and venting his frustrations in six mischievous comedy performances. Presented using his own unique blend of stand up, visual storytelling and real-world experimentation, expect a whole new take on the things we normally take for granted.

Join Dave for a journey of intellectual curiosity and humour as he holds up a mirror to the countless questionable things we’re all exposed to but just seem to accept as OK.

Season Four of Modern Life is Goodish begins Thursday 7th November, 10.35pm on DUKE.

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