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Mind Over Money with Nigel Latta

Following on from the hugely successful first series, Nigel Latta is back with a second series of Mind Over Money.

This time around it’s personal. Do we each have a distinct Money Personality - and how does that help or hinder our financial lives?

We’re all fascinated by anything which helps us learn more about who we are and why do things, and in this series we look at how our Money Personality can predict what we do with money, and perhaps even more interestingly… why we do what we do.

Distilling forty years of research, Nigel will introduce us to the four Money Personalities: Are you a spontaneous Power Spender? A generous Social Sharer? A free-spirited Freedom seeker? Or a sensible Security Saver? Your Money Personality can be either one of your greatest allies, or your greatest obstacles, in building the life you really want.

The new series of Mind Over Money mixes social experiment, psychological insight and interviews with real Kiwis trying to get to grips with their Money Personalities, along with simple tricks we can all use to be better with money. How is it possible that merely handling money can make you feel invulnerable? Is saving really sexy? What are the three causes of financial strife in a relationship and how can you fix them? And how can dressing as a superhero help us think about curbing our spending behaviour?

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