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Meghan Markle: The First 100 Days

An examination of the extraordinary journey Meghan Markle has taken to become a royal bride-to-be.

To mark the 2018 Royal wedding, this special charts Meghan Markle’s extraordinary journey from royal girlfriend to royal bride-to-be and her impact on the British public, starting on the day of her engagement to Prince Harry, and moving through her first 100 days as his fiancé.

The film will examine Meghan’s first official public engagements - from Birmingham to Brixton, Edinburgh to Nottingham - as she has travelled the country with Harry, meeting everyday Brits and pledging support for a range of charities.

The programme will get inside the controversies and news stories that have followed Meghan as she became acquainted with her new homeland. From racism to tabloid harassment, gender equality to security threats, Meghan’s introduction to Great Britain has been a rollercoaster ride. 

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