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Mega Transports

In this new series go behind the scenes of mega transport projects from planning to completion.

Everyone knows heavy haulage: large parts are transported on big trucks with yellow warning lights on streets. However, all that is "peanuts" compared to our Mega Transports: heavier, larger, more complicated and more unusual. These transports require pinpoint planning, which can only take place in certain time slots or with special safety precautions, and for which large teams plan months in advance before things are ready. 

Each episode accompanies such an exceptional transport and shows the detailed planning, the preparation of the cargo by disassembling, stabilizing, protecting - and then the special moment when the goods are loaded and taken to their destinations via complicated paths (bottlenecks on roads, overhead lines, extreme conditions, rough seas). The finale of each episode is when the cargo is unloaded and put to use at the new location. 

Episode 1 accompanies a bunch of highly valuable luxury yachts on their way across the Atlantic on a special yacht carrier.  

Episode 2 shows the unique transportation of a ultra-class dump truck, that cannot simply drive on streets, as the asphalt would immediately burst.  

Episode 3 features the conveyance of the fourth-largest cruise ship in the world – as it is build in a hangar on dry land, 50 kilometres away from the open sea. The “Norwegian Joy” has to negotiate its channel through the shallow and narrow River Ems – with only a few centimetres of water under her keel. 

In Episode 4, the famous Antonov An-124 has to bring a highly valuable generator around the world, 11000 kilometres from England to South Korea.  

Episode 5 shows how it can be possible to move an entire village in the north of Sweden. In Episode 6, we travel with the record-braking containership “OOCL HONG KONG” on her maiden voyage.

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