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Mega Mechanics

Come behind the scenes and see what it takes to keep huge machines operational, to repair catastrophic failures within tight deadlines and manage the risks of working on an enormous scale.

Mining draglines and bucket wheels, excavators and airlines, crushers and ship lifts, dredgers and harvesters – these are just some of the mega machines that get the big jobs done.  But what happens when big machines breakdown? Production comes to a standstill, often without any warning. Downtime costs can be astronomical, soaring into the millions and repairs are expensive. 

Mega Mechanics is a new observational documentary series following some of Australia’s best mechanics as they tackle some of the biggest machines and the challenges of maintaining and repairing them. 

The stakes are high, the conditions dangerous and there’s millions of dollars on the line, but it’s all in a day’s work for our Mega Mechanics.

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