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Mega Air

Mega Air dives deep behind the scenes of the incredible 6 trillion-dollar air freight industry. 

Meeting the people, gasping at the extraordinary processes, rejoicing in the peculiar and celebrating some of the more mind-boggling items, transported in aircraft that beggar belief.

We witness, among others, the nerve-shredding 36 hour delivery of prime salmon inside the Norwegian arctic circle to Japan’s top sushi restaurants, one of the biggest commercial satellites ever built flown to its rocket launch site, 61 top class show-jumpers destined for a premier Hong Kong event, the high octane rush to get thousands of Formula 1 components from factory to the season opener in Melbourne, Australia, the world’s biggest global air package delivery facility processing over 1 million items and the jaw-dropping Valentines flowers daily air shuttle that fuels the world’s biggest flora auction in a building the size of Monaco!

As well as revelling in the scale and magnitude of super-sized air freight operations, we see what it takes to run the UK’s largest pure cargo air-hub, East Midlands Airport; covering everything from major runway repairs to freighter fire drills and the on-going, surprisingly difficult challenge of keeping the airfield free of pesky birds.

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