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Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I tells the comedic story of Alex Riley — yesterday, today and tomorrow.

As a Chicago teenager in 1991, he was on top of the world — his beloved Bulls had just won their first championship, and he was inventing cool things like the Adjustable Table Wedge. Then his mom married a pilot in Los Angeles and moved their home 2,000 miles away — into the heart of Lakers country. Now, with his new step-brother, he’ll have to reinvent himself in a new school, with new friends, new inventions and maybe even the love of his life.

As a middle-aged Los Angeles inventor and father in 2017, he was on top of the world. And then, his perfect life imploded. His wife cheated on him, sending him into a personal and professional tailspin that requires the help of all of his friends and loved ones to get him back on track. 

In 2042, he’s a highly successful inventor and entrepreneur whose game-changing idea has transformed his life. He’s very much on top of the world. His adult daughter is now general manager of the Chicago Bulls, and he’s just retired — looking to invent the next phase of his life.

Over 50 years, we’ll meet Alex as a kid, a man and a newly retired visionary, someone who has taken a few hits in his life, but with the help of his family and friends, has always managed to come up with a way to move forward.

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