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Matchstick Men

Meet Roy and his ambitious protégé Frank, a couple of con artists. Grifters. Matchstick Men.

Business is good: the two run a successful, small-time scam.

But Roy's (Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage) personal life is a mess: Chain-smoking, obsessive-compulsive, and agoraphobic, with idiosyncrasies that threaten his criminal productivity, Roy requires a psychoanalyst just to stay in working order.

Now, much to his shock he discovers he has a 14-year-old daughter, Angela (Alison Lohman), who wants to know her father.

And as Roy and Frank (Sam Rockwell) develop a style of parenting with a unique spin, they realize that Angela has an interest and a knack for the family business as she earns her place as one of the Matchstick Men.

Catch Matchstick Men, Monday 28th May, 9.00pm on DUKE.

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