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Mars Attacks!

Tim Burton plunges planet Earth into complete pandemonium in this all-star sci-fi spoof!

When a squadron of flying saucers land in the Nevada desert, a group of skull-faced Martians exit the gleaming craft. Although they claim to be peaceful, they promptly 'vaporise' a gathering of unfortunate earthlings, kicking-off a bizarre high-tech war with wild special effects. 

Tim Burton, who has brought to the screen signature films such as Batman, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas, now turns his characteristic deft, dark humour to a classic genre - the Martian invasion of Earth - in Mars Attacks!

Playing the earthlings under intergalactic siege is a stellar cast. Led by Jack Nicholson, the star-studded ensemble includes: Glenn Close; Annette Bening; Pierce Brosnan; Danny DeVito; Martin Short; Sarah Jessica Parker; Michael J Fox; Rod Steiger; Tom Jones; Lukas Haas; Natalie Portman; Jim Brown; Lisa Marie; and Sylvia Sidney.  

Don't miss the Martian-mayhem on DUKE, Friday 17th May, 8.30pm.

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