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Magical Land Of Oz

An exploration of the curious and wonderful wildlife unique to Australia.

The Magical Land Of Oz offers a blue chip, continent-wide series ranging from the land’s highest snow peaks to the depths of the frigid and wild southern seas; from its last populations of wild numbats to its largest diorama of giant cuttlefish. It’s a land of diverse beauty, that delights and surprises. The series both entertains and deepens our understanding of how the natural world is made up of not just unique species, but distinct individuals, whose lives are far from predictable.

Using the latest camera technology, we capture animal populations only recently discovered and behaviours not associated with species we thought we knew well. We meet animal characters so enigmatic that most Australians are unaware they share not just their island continent, but their own suburban backyards.

We reveal the challenges these animals must navigate in a land of extremes and extreme human-induced change. To do this, we fill the screen with colour, dance, acrobatics, music, mating and child-rearing – all performed by the animals which make Australia a truly magical land.

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