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Living With The Boss

The average New Zealander will spend up to one third of their life working. But how well do workers know the boss they devote so much of their life to? And how much do bosses really know about their greatest asset – their workforce?

Living With The Boss is a brand new and distinctly Kiwi series that sees employees invite their boss to live under their roof in a bid to make a connection and hopefully improve conditions for their whole workforce in the process. 

Company owners, managing directors and CEOs live the lives of their delivery drivers, night shift workers, and regional staff. Spending time together at work, at home and out with friends and family, the bosses will get the chance to walk in their employees shoes. 

They may be at opposite ends of the power and pay scale, and with very different home lives, yet when it comes to their hopes, fears, priorities and values many will discover they’re not so far apart. 

Funded by NZ On Air.

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