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Living Biblically

Could you live your entire life by the bible, down to the letter?

In new sitcom Living Biblically, meet film critic Chip Curry (Jay R. Ferguson) who's at a crossroads. A baby on the way with wife Leslie and the recent loss of his best friend lead him to attempt to follow the literal teachings of the bible!

Hilarity ensues as Chip uncomfortably endeavours to not lie, to honour his difficult parents and to live his life 100% biblically! Chip’s fear-inducing boss at the newspaper Ms. Meadows (Camryn Manheim) is surprisingly supportive, but is really just interested in selling the story in her paper; his co-worker there Vince will also lend an ear, while simultaneously winding up Chip for his own amusement. 

Even with the help of his “god squad”; a Catholic priest (Ian Gomez) and Jewish Rabbi that he regularly meets in their local dive bar; will Chip be able to take a page out of the good book and how will it impact his relationships with those closest to him?

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