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DUKE has a new joker on the scene – Troy Kinne – who’s so good at making the lols, he got his own show and named it after himself. Solid work Kinne.

A feisty mix of sketches, rapid-fire one-liners and man-on-the-street pearls of wisdom from internet favourite, Kinne is the brainchild of Australian stand-up comic and occasional landscape gardener, Troy Kinne.

Funny and equally disturbing, Kinne covers key modern issues such as: Dating Deal Breakers, Things Said By Couples Assembling IKEA Furniture, Lies We Just Accept and What We’d Really Like To Say To Your Babies. While recurring characters include the narcissistic Impromptu Lifeguard, constantly derailed but never losing his enthusiasm for his self-appointed role as a hero; and the Actual Bachelor, who armed with sub-par personality traits and an over-abundance of confidence, pits his charm and wooing prowess against The Bachelor TV series. 

Joined by his key collaborator Max Price, and an ensemble cast of mates with nothing better to do, Troy Kinne shares his left-field take on the benefits and shortcomings of “the little things” in life. 

Ensemble: Troy Kinne, Max Price, Nick Cody, Des Dowling, CJ Fortuna, Elliot Loney, Nicolette Minster, Nikki Osborne, Tom Siegert, Emma-Louise Wilson.

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