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Kids - An Instruction Manual with Nigel Latta

How often have you wished kids came with an instruction manual? Well, Nigel Latta is returning to TVNZ 1 to deliver what every parent has always wanted…a cutting edge, science based, easy to understand guide to solving problems in families

Kids - An Instruction Manual is an honest depiction of New Zealand family life, featuring real Kiwi families. 

We all post our ‘happy family’ photos on social media, but behind closed doors we’re all dealing with the real world - arguing with our kids about how many carrots to eat, or fighting with our partner about the best way to talk to our anxious child. Don’t worry, Nigel is here to help. 

Revolutionary fixed-rig technology and body-cam footage will document families at home, around the clock to capture the private moments they are struggling with most. Armed with this incredibly intimate footage, Latta will use clinical psychology, hi-tech tools and hard science to give parents an ‘instruction manual’ to get the best out of their kids in this painfully real, yet heart-warming series.

Funded by NZ On Air.

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