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New local children's series now on TVNZ 2!

Kiddets are space cadets, explorers-in-training at a space academy on planet WotWot. They learn through play in their stunning playroom that overlooks an exotic space port floating in the blue sky above their planet.

Expanding upon The WotWots franchise with 52 brand new adventures, the Kiddets - Patches, Dapper, Bounce, Stripes and Luna are, under the watchful eye of SpottyWot and DottyWot, learning to become a team of explorers who will one day set off to investigate other planets.   

Our five young Kiddets all learn together through play, and each has an area of special interest such as leadership, health and safety, mechanics, science and the arts. 

This delightful group of enquiring minds learn from each other and from SpottyWot and DottyWot, who are based on planet Earth.   

The series is co-produced by Pukeko Pictures and Hengxin Shambala Kids (Guangzhou) Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. and is the first official children’s television co-production between New Zealand and China.  Kiddets has been created by The WotWots’ Creator, Martin Baynton with Richard Taylor as Executive Producer.

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