• Drama
  • Sci-Fi


Solving murder takes brains!

Will Seattle become the capital of the zombie homeland? 

In an all new season three, Liv's discovered there are more zombies living in Seattle than she previously believed, including a private military contractor who's employed a zombie army that's preparing for the day humans learn of their existence. Major finds acceptance in this army, and Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a zombie family that may set off an all-out zombie-human war. 

Meanwhile, Peyton pulls at a thread in one of her cases that may lead to the villain that’s pulling all the strings...

This action-packed season will see Liv take on the traits of a dominatrix, a JACKASS-style stunt man, an office gossip, a pre-school teacher, a conspiracy theorist, a dungeon master, and more.

Brain Appétit.

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