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Inside Out Homes

From garden cinemas to outside kitchens, sliding roofs to external glass walls, the home as we know it is changing as the boundaries between house and garden blur.

In this series, architect Zac Monro, engineer Monty Ravenscroft, and gardener Rosie Bines tear down the walls of twelve houses across Britain, using cutting edge technology, imagination and ingenuity to create homes and outside spaces that unlock the potential of living inside and out like never before. 

Zac is also joined by Michelle Ogundehin, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decoration, who opens the doors of some of her favourite Inside Out homes.

In the first episode, Zac and Monty create a glass atrium for an 18th century barn by covering a courtyard with a bespoke glass roof, while Zac designs a garden office that's both ancient and modern.

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