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In Zone

Thought-provoking and inspiring documentary In Zone tells the extraordinary story of a man from Chicago, who’s transforming the lives of New Zealand teens in a bid to prove that cycles of inequality can be broken.

Terrance Wallace came to New Zealand four years ago on a holiday. At first blown away by the stunning scenery, he was alarmed to see a news item about M?ori and Pasifika youth falling through the cracks in our education system. 

It struck a chord. Back home, he’d seen similar statistics over and over about African-American and Hispanic youth. Once, he had been one of them. After narrowly escaping being killed in a gang hijacking, Terrance was given a second chance at life. He became determined to make a difference, and here in front of him in NZ he saw a new challenge.  

Terrance packed up his home in Chicago and moved to New Zealand. Setting his sights on Auckland’s sought-after “grammar school zone”, he found a home in the heart of the city’s wealthiest and most exclusive schooling area.  

He then invited M?ori & Pasifika boys with a desire to succeed to apply for a chance to move into the in zone home and attend Auckland Grammar School. His idea was that they would have access not only to highly resourced schooling, but critically, Grammar’s extremely influential alumni network. 

In Zone follows the dramatic journey of several of the teens and Terrance, as he motivates them to push harder, aim higher, and dream bigger. As they overcome obstacles, deal with set-backs, and ultimately make breakthroughs, Terrance faces the pull back to Chicago where the city’s mayor – amid rising racial tensions and violence – wants him to bring the New Zealand project to America.

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