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In The Long Run

A comedy about family, community and what home really means.

London 1985. Amid the tower blocks and shell suits, life for Walter and Agnes Easmon is all about quiet routine. 

They arrived from Sierra Leone 13 years ago and are happy earning enough to pay the bills with a bit left over to send back home. Walter works hard alongside his friend and neighbour “Bagpipes” at a nearby factory while Agnes patrols the estate selling make-up door to door. Their British born son Kobna and his best mate Dean hang out on the estate playing football and doing their best to dodge the local thugs.

But then Walter’s brother Valentine arrives and his exuberance and lust for life changes everything. Looking to make a life for himself in the UK, he crashes into their lives bringing laughter, music and chaos. He quickly finds work, falls in love and ignites a passion for music in Kobna. He may frustrate Agnes and test Walter’s patience but Kobna adores his funcle Valentine and after all, he is family.  

Created by and featuring Idris Elba with an ensemble cast including Bill Bailey, In The Long Run is a comedy about family, community and what home really means.

Stream from Monday 3rd September.

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