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Hyundai Country Calendar

New Zealand’s longest-running TV show is returning in 2019 for its 53rd year!

Over the years, Hyundai Country Calendar's stories have become increasingly diverse, ranging beyond traditional dairying and high-country musters to newer ventures like truffles and alpacas.

Although very different from its modest beginnings in 1966, this iconic programme continues to bring a much-loved portrait of rural Kiwi life to well over half a million viewers every week, making it one of New Zealand’s top-rating TV shows. 

Producer Julian O'Brien says nostalgia for earning an honest living from the land is what makes city people yearn for the lifestyles the show portrays.  He says the show also plays a social role in helping bring town and country closer together.

Funded by NZ On Air.

Hyundai Country Calendar returns to screens all across New Zealand on Sunday 24th February at 7pm on TVNZ 1.

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