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Hunted is a real manhunt, a game of cat-and-mouse, captured 24 hours a day over four weeks, with full access to both sides of the pursuit.

In the new season a 10 fresh British citizens turn fugitive and go on the run. Tracking them down is an elite team of 30 hunters, drawn from some of the world’s best investigators and led by former Scotland Yard detective, Chief Peter Bleksley. 

This year, the stakes are high, if the fugitives can evade capture for 28 days they’ll win a share of £100,000. But they're up against a formidable force as the hunters are equipped with search dogs, drones and helicopters.   

Fugitives Kirk Bowett and Jeremy Scaratt are amputee veterans, armed with a unique skillset and a willing army of contacts around the country. They waste no time in attempting a daring mission under the hunter’s noses. But will their luck last when the cyber team crack the boys’ passwords exposing their network, and a hot lead to their location?   

With CCTV hits coming in thick and fast, and the fugitives' friends and family revealing vital clues, it seems the fugitives’ days on the run are numbered.

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