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How To Look Good Naked

The wait is finally over! How to Look Good Naked is back with a brand-new 6-part series for 2020!

Our favourite super stylist and body confidence expert Gok Wan returns to tackle people’s low self-esteem and guide them to a place of loving themselves flaws and all. But it’s no easy task. 

We’re so bombarded with airbrushed, fake and filtered bodies today that we’ve forgotten what real bodies look like. Thankfully Gok is here to remind us. 

In this uplifting, emotional body confidence boosting series revival Gok takes pairs of best friends, Mothers and daughters, sisters and cancer survivors on a journey of body acceptance using his unique Naked therapy.

After years of hiding their bodies away Gok helps them face their fears and embrace their lumps, scars and dimples with a process them that sees them getting naked and looking amazing in various settings.

But with years of insecurities, taunts from school bullies and other damaging experiences to contend with, Gok has his work cut out for him.

With a Naked Catwalk as the ultimate test for how far they’ve come, how many of our ladies will make it down the runway?

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