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House Rules: High Stakes

Get ready for a brand-new season of House Rules – and this time around, the stakes have never been higher!

And when we say higher, we mean quite literally higher! Eight fresh faced Australian teams will have to prove their worth in the toughest House Rules challenge ever – the transformation of a penthouse towering 32 stories above the sunny beaches of Queensland’s Gold Coast. House Rules: High Stakes is a season like no other.

Season 8 will be hosted by the iconic internationally awarded designer and former House Rules judge, Jamie Durie. This year, teams will have to earn their spot as they attempt to impress two brand-new judges with their own sky-high expectations if they are to score their own dream home. Joining superstar judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen will be interior designer and home stylist Kyly Clarke and prolific Aussie home builder Saul Myers.

House Rules: High Stakes has some fresh new faces and challenges, but the teams will still have to hand over the keys to their biggest asset, their own homes, which are all ripe for mouth-watering, awe inspiring and mind boggling transformations. House Rules: High Stakes is a game changer. New judges, new hosts and “next level” surprises push the teams harder than ever and it all comes together 32 stories up on the Gold Coast…the stakes have never been higher!

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