• Comedy

Home Improvement

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor (Tim Allen) and teen heart throb Randy Taylor (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) are bring the best of the 90’s back to TVNZ DUKE alongside the rest of the Taylor family and man behind the fence, Wilson (Earl Hindman).

Armed with a hefty tool belt and an endless supply of power, Tim Taylor is a modern man tackling his duties as a loving husband, father and host of a local home improvement show.

At work, hardware-hungry Tim enthusiastically approaches every project but at home, his ever-patient wife, Jill, dims the mechanical gleam in his eye whenever he wants to improve one of her kitchen appliances.

When it comes to raising their three boys, Tim and Jill join forces to build a strong family unit even though Tim’s desire to raise three manly men sometimes clashes with Jill’s attempt to police their rough edges.

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