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Hell's Kitchen

Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay is back with an all new, fiery season of Hell's Kitchen!

Meet 18 new ambitious chefs who'll leave their pleasantries at the door as they endure Chef Gordon Ramsay’s hellishly intense culinary academy - including a series of gruelling challenges and dinner services - for a chance to win the coveted Hell's Kitchen title.

In tonight's premiere episode, the new recruits arrive in LA and are taken to the parade grounds of a US Army training facility. Addressing his newest recruits for the first time, Chef Ramsay gives them their orders: they are to complete the Army fitness test before they can enter Hell’s Kitchen this year!

Each chef runs through a series of obstacles that tests their level of fitness and determination. Once Ramsay is satisfied that all the chefs are physically ready, he announces that their next challenge is about to begin: the Signature Dish Challenge. 

The chefs race into Hell’s Kitchen to prepare their dishes in front of the audience - but only one team can win. 

After a night of rest, Chef Ramsay pumps up both teams to deliver on their first dinner service and instructs Maitre D’, Mariano, to open the doors of Hell’s Kitchen. Who will surprise with their opening night services? And who will be eliminated?

Don't miss all the action, sweat and tears in the brand new 16th season of Hell's Kitchen on TVNZ 2.

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