• Drama

Grey's Anatomy

Your favourite doctors are back as Grey’s Anatomy returns for a heart-pounding 14th season.

At the end of season 13, an explosion rocked the hospital after Stephanie was forced to face off with a rapist trying to evade capture. Edwards heroically protected a young girl through the hellish experience; they were trapped by the resulting fire and barely made it out alive. Afterwards, Stephanie decided to leave the hospital and really live her life. Meanwhile, just as Meredith and Nathan were finally hitting their stride, Owen receives unbelievable news: his presumed-dead sister Megan Hunt, Nathan's great love, is alive!

This season, there’s a lot on the line, and many questions to be answered. Will Meredith’s romance with Nathan be sidelined by the return of Megan? How will Owen’s life change now that his sister has been found alive? And is there a possible romance for Jackson and Maggie?

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