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Go Girls

Iconic local series Go Girls is coming to TVNZ!

Amy, Britta and Cody are three young women suffering their quarter century crisis: 25 and what have they achieved?  So they have just made a vow that in one year they’ll fulfill their ambition to be...  rich, famous and married.

Their mate-since-childhood Kevin (Jay Ryan), admires their pluck but, to be honest, since Amy, Britta and Cody are currently: Tragically Poor; Tragically Unknown; and Tragically Single, he reckons it’s going to be a bit of an ask.

Each of our gals is in search of what they think will make them happy.  (Though what you think will make you happy and what really does sometimes turn out to be very different things).

Also starring Anna Hutchison, Alix Bushnell, Bronwyn Turei, Matt Whelan and Esther Stephens, relive every touching, relatable and downright funny moment of this series from the creators/writers of Outrageous Fortune and Nothing Trivial.

Stream the full series OnDemand from Sunday 16th December.

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