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George Clarke's Amazing Christmas Spaces

The series exploring the eccentric and ingenious world of small builds gets a Christmassy makeover.

Coming to the end of the year George and Will reminisce about all the great builds they’ve seen across the series from the comfort of their Wilderness Lodge.

They look back at the build they made in George’s garden, with its play den, secret garden, butterfly house and cinema come planetarium. We go back to the lodge on a lake, built by hand on the water using nothing but a hand saw and a hammer and nails.

A new gem in the forest is discovered in the form of a one-hundred and thirty-year-old tin prefab chapel that still stands today, and of course, George sticks around for their Christmas Carol service.

George and Will also go to visit Joel who won this years shed of the year competition and chat with him about how winning has led him to have his own business building sheds like his own for gardens around the world.

They then invite characters from across the series to have an amazing spaces Christmas party. With the wilderness lodge completed, George and Will look back over their fond memories from the build, including making a traditional crane from ropes and pulleys for the initial construction and then subsequently kitting it out with a barbed wire toilet. We also look back over our Texan and Italian road trips and all of the eccentric and beautifully designed spaces we’ve seen from across the series.

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