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Funny As: The Story Of New Zealand Comedy

This star-studded new local series tells the story of comedy’s deep roots here in New Zealand.

Candid, and always funny, comedians talk about how humour has given them the freedom to put the good, and the bad, of New Zealand culture on screen. 

Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy, opens the archives of New Zealand entertainment to explore how we have used comedy to navigate decades of profound cultural change.  

Humour has popularised some of our country’s most defining moments.  In this series, interviews with Kiwi comedy legends including Ginette McDonald, Taika Waititi and David McPhail reveal the untold stories behind some of these iconic performances. Restoration of the early archive of the likes of John Clarke and the Conchords brings to life footage that most New Zealanders have never seen. 

This is the definitive account of what has made Kiwis laugh.  

Funded by NZ On Air.

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