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First Year On Earth

Follows the dramatic lives of six baby animals as they grow up and experience their first year in the wild.

Predators, rivals, changing environments and the fight for food and status. All of these make the first 12 months the hardest for any young animal to survive. 

Remarkable behaviour. Emotional stories. Scientific revelations. By closely following a cast of infants, troops and clans, this series casts a new light on their world – and how global changes are shaping the challenges they face.

Whether they’re in the forests of Sri Lanka or the Kenyan Savannah, every animal must adapt to their environment. A baby mountain gorilla navigates the labyrinth of the forest. A young elephant learns how to tell friend from foe. And a litter of Arctic fox cubs race to become self-sufficient before the cruel winter closes in.

With intimate access, expert knowledge and spectacular moments, this is a new way to understand the wild. And a new way to understand our world.

First Year On Earth begins Tuesday 28th January, 8pm on TVNZ 1.

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