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Find My Killer

This gripping and fast-paced, local 10-part web-series delves into the disappearance and murder of 17-year-old Mia Bryant, who goes missing after a party. So who killed Mia?

Inspired by real events, Find My Killer is a digital investigation that shines a light on

the screen-fixated society we’ve become. The case will be solved by tracking people using technology: from social media accounts, to phones and fitbits – all will play a part in figuring out what happened.

Find My Killer invites viewers to solve the mystery of her murder, delving into the secrets, lies and betrayal of those closest to her.

They’ll be given an evolving opportunity to work out who is innocent and who is guilty; sometimes finding themselves playing catch-up or, courtesy of the posthumous narrator Mia, and the ancillary information she provides, they’ll feel like they’re one step ahead of the digital forensicist, who leads the investigation and gradually pieces the case together, to reveal the killer.

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