• Drama

Fighting Season

Fighting Season is a complex, character-driven drama about Australian soldiers, returned from Afghanistan.

A group of soldiers return to Australia after the death of their leader in a firefight in Afghanistan. Faced with questions from a grieving widow, it soon becomes apparent there is more to the death than the men are letting on.

This is a story about the invisible men and women who fight for the country they call home. It’s an explosive exploration of a masculine world, unpicking the mythology surrounding “The Diggers” and presenting the reality of being a modern soldier in Australia. 

How do men who are trained to kill, who live a high-adrenaline existence, transition from being killers to husbands and fathers?

Fighting Season features an ensemble cast which includes New Zealand's own Jay Ryan.

Watch on TVNZ 1, Saturday 4th May, 10.25pm. 

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