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Fighter Pilot: The Real Top Gun

These fighter pilot recruits are stepping into the danger zone!

This new three-part documentary series on DUKE follows a trio of fighter pilot recruits, as they attempt to become the best of the best and be selected to fly the UK Royal Air Force’s brand new F35 Lightning jet.

With exclusive access to the RAF’s F35 fighter programme, this series goes inside the cockpit, bringing viewers a vivid insight into the challenges faced by the men and women who aim to become the UK military’s top guns. These pilots have just a few months to get ready for the front line.

They are aiming to ultimately become F35 pilots if they make the grade – but if they fail, they face the reality that they may not get the chance to fly fast jets again.

Narrated by actress Samantha Bond, this series gives viewers a window into the world of these recruits who are stepping into the danger zone, aiming to achieve their dreams.

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