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All New Family Guy

Follow the Griffins as they put the "fun" back into dysfunction DUKE!

Every Monday at 8.00PM from Monda 6 October DUKE brings you all-new episodes of Family Guy! Straight after they air in the US, episodes that have never-been-seen-on-NZ-telly! Choiiiiice.

The animated satirical comedy follows the dysfunctional Griffin family, consisting of man-of-the-house Peter, stay-at-home-mom Lois, troubled teen Meg, son Chris, diabolically devious baby Stewie and family dog Brian, who reside in their hometown of Quahog.

In the first episode of the new season, Peter is tired of not having an Emmy and embarks on his own "For Your Consideration Campaign" for by making the show more like Emmy-winning shows. All bets are off and no category is off limits! 

Also this season, Peter becomes friends with a cool, handsome paramedic named Stryker Foxx. Wrapped up in his newfound "coolness," he soon dumps Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland; and Lois searches for a nanny for Stewie.

Guest voices this season include Danny Trejo, Ian McKellen, Kristen Bell, Louis C.K., Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Sofía Vergara and Bill Maher. This season will also feature the final appearance of the late, great Adam West on the show. 

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