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Escape From New York

He must go in, where no one has ever got out!

In retro-future 1997, Manhattan has been turned into a walled penal colony, holding America's most dangerous prisoners. 

Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), a war hero-turned-thief, is captured by the authorities and offered his freedom if he rescues the US President (Donald Pleasence), whose plane has crashed within the city. 

Given an injection that will kill him in 24 hours, Plissken penetrates the borough, finds the President, but is captured by the Duke (Isaac Hayes), the city's leader. 

As the poison races through his body, Plissken must not only escape the Duke, but free the President as well, if he's to get out of New York alive and receiving the antidote in time.

Starring: Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, and Ernest Borgnine, Directed by John Carpenter.

Don’t miss Escape From New York, on Tuesday 16th July, 8.30pm on DUKE. 

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