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They can’t just survive - they must Escape!

Highly skilled engineers are put into a catastrophic scene and left to find a way to escape in this new series based on real life events. Each episode follows a small group of skilled people stranded at a reconstructed catastrophic scene in a hostile environment, days form civilisation. Surrounded by the wreckage, their only option to escape is to build a new vehicle from the debris – be it an air-boat, flying machine or hover-car…or something you can’t even imagine. 

In each episode five new cast members will find themselves in a different terrain such as desert, snow, jungle or on water. The must generate their own power and make their own shelter – but they can’t just survive, they must Escape

The group will also have to battle their fierce, harsh environment and work together to build a way out before their basic rations run out. The only tools they have are those they can find or salvage from the debris. At the helm of this bold new series is Royal Engineer Ant Middleton whose SAS experience will offer a unique insight into the mental and physical challenges ahead for the intrepid participants as they taken on this epic mission.

Escape airs on DUKE on Sunday 12th August, 8pm. 

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