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Ellen's Game Of Games

Multi-award-winning television host, producer, writer, actress and entertainment powerhouse Ellen DeGeneres returns for a second season of her hilarious, reality competition show, Ellen’s Game Of Games.

After a wildly successful first season, Ellen's Game of Games returns for season two, which promises to bring more fun, laughter and unpredictable twists, with brand new never-before-seen games and special surprises.

Featuring supersized versions of the most popular and action-packed games from Ellen’s award-winning daytime talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, contestants pulled right from the audience, will have to manoeuvre massive obstacles, answer questions under crushing time pressure and face gigantic plunges into the unknown — all in a quest to win a big cash prize. 

Every episode will feature Ellen’s one-of-a-kind comedy and irrepressible personality, along with a unique roster of games. The thrill of these pressure cooker situations and instant wins will keep audiences on the edge of their seats!

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