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Eat Well for Less NZ

Based on the hit UK format, Eat Well For Less is getting the Kiwi treatment!

Hosted by local chefs Mike van de Elzen (The Food Truck, Kiwi Living) and Ganesh Raj (Owner of The Tasting Shed, co-owner of The Maori Kitchen), Eat Well For Less NZ is here to help New Zealanders shop, cook and eat better – and save on their household bills along the way. 

Shopping is costing more than ever, and New Zealanders are feeling the effect. In each episode, Mike and Ganesh will meet a Kiwi family, and share their knowledge on how to save money, sort food facts from food fiction and eat well for less. 

With the help of nutritionist Angela Berrill, the experts will analyse the weekly food shop, and set a target for how much money they could save. The trio will also delve into each family’s foodie challenges, from allergies and fussy eaters, families who are spending too much on takeaways, to those who need a more nutritionally balanced diet and much, much more. 

From tips and tricks and the famous taste test experiments, Eat Well For Less NZ is a series full of fascinating insights into exactly what we put in our shopping cart and our tummies. By the end of each episode, the team hope to have changed a family’s life, as well as the size of their shopping bill.

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