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Presented by Sir David Attenborough, breath-taking new BBC series Dynasties follows five of the world’s most celebrated but endangered animals, as they do whatever it takes to survive and protect the next generation.

Pressure is mounting on some of the most iconic species in the world as their environments face destruction and change. Dynasties will focus in never-before-seen detail on one particular family from each species per episode: Emperor penguins in the frozen waters of Antarctica; chimpanzees on the edge of the Sahara in Senegal, West Africa; lions on the savannahs of Kenya’s Masai Mara; painted wolves on the floodplains of the great Zambezi river in Zimbabwe; and tigers in the jungles of Bandhavgarh, India. 

BBC Studios' Natural History Unit has painstakingly filmed these animals over four years as they play politics, fight battles, make alliances, launch take-overs, battle rivals and win family feuds. 

The series will show perhaps the most intimate and intense stories of their kind that have ever been captured before, featuring both the immense difficulties of leadership in nature and the relentless determination of animals to protect their families. They face unforeseen challenges not only from within their species and their rivals, but from changes to their environment, and the impact humanity has had on our fragile ecosystem that will ricochet throughout generations.

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