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If you're craving a movie, DUKE's got your back. Check out the ridiculously good films playing on DUKE this week.

BLADES OF GLORY: An ensemble cast featuring Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler and Jenna Fischer star in this hilarious comedy where two ice-skating rivals compete as a team after having been banned. Friday 10th July, 8.30pm.

BEOWULF: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie and Ray Winstone star in this gripping cinematic spin on an Old English tale! A great warrior, Beowulf, must face his demons and save his kingdom from monsters! Saturday 12th July, 8.30pm.

THE GREEN HORNET: Seth Rogen and Jay Chou are breaking the law, in order to protect it! In this hilarious action-comedy, they'll start a career of crime-fighting behind a masked hero known as "The Green Hornet". Sunday 12th july, 9.50pm.

AEON FLUX: Charlize Theron is Aeon Flux, in this epic sci-fi thriller. She's a mysterious assassin, working to overthrow the government, but what secrets and conspiracies will she also uncover? Also starring Frances McDormand. Tuesday 14th July, 8.30pm.

TRUE LIES: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis star in this action-thriller, where an agent suspects his wife of having an affair while dealing with terrorists smuggling nuclear war heads into the US. Friday 17th July, 8.30pm.

THE LOVELY BONES: Directed by Peter Jackson, a thriller about a young girl who has been murdered and is watching over her family, and her killer, from purgatory. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Saoirse Ronan and Stanley Tucci. Saturday 25th July, 8.30pm.

COACH CARTER: Samuel L. Jackson stars as coach Ken Carter, who succeeds in setting his players on a winning streak with tough rules and academic discipline. Also starring Channing Tatum and Octavia Spencer. Tuesday 28th July, 8.30pm.

THE INTERNSHIP: In this hilarious comedy, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are about to discover that the secret to success is in the search. A search engine, that is, called Google – a place where dreams become reality! Friday 31st July, 8.30pm.

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