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Don't Tell The Doctor

The Instagram generation that's choosing to dodge the doctor!

Don’t Tell The Doctor is a series about a team of four Hot Docs, who rush to the rescue of self-diagnosing young men and women across Britain who’ve got themselves in serious trouble. 

A staggering one in seven people aged 18-34 fail to get an appointment to see a doctor. Consequently, one in four are turning to the internet and social media to self-diagnose, with disastrous consequences. 

In Don’t Tell The Doctor, if you can’t get to the Doctor, the Doctor will come to you! Each episode sees the Hot Docs fix online misdiagnoses and DIY disasters across Britain. From angry acne and dermatitis ravaged bodies to fungal infections, stinking feet, irritated private parts, diet pill junkies and steroid swallowing gym addicts, you'll see it all!

Between shifts, the Hot Docs kick back and share the most shocking and hilarious situations they’ve encountered at their own clinics and on wards -hearing is believing! Their stories will both educate and entertain as we learn about the most shocking mishaps of the Instagram generation who are choosing to dodge the doctor.

Watch on TVNZ 2, from Thursday 18th October, 9.30pm. 

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