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Dog Squad

Dog Squad returns to TVNZ 1 with all new episodes, showcasing working dogs and their handlers patrolling the front line, protecting our streets and guarding our borders.

Dog Squad returns to TVNZ 1 with all new action-packed episodes showcasing dedicated dog teams from NZ Police, Corrections, NZ Customs, Ministry for Primary Industries, Land Search and Rescue, Department of Conservation, Auckland Council Biosecurity and Kaikoura Ocean Research Institute.

Once again we follow the Police Delta teams as they continue to work tirelessly around the clock fighting crime and keeping trouble off the streets of Wellington, Tauranga, Whakatane and in the rural Waikato. We also follow a Search and Rescue Mission tracking two lost hunters in the Kaimai ranges.

At the Border we see the Customs drug dogs in action proving how well they know their stuff when it comes to sniffing out drugs at the border. While the talented MPI beagles sniff out biosecuirty risks at the International mail centre in, Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown Airports and a Cruise ship check in the picturesque Milford Sound.

Corrections dogs’ continue to search visitors attempting to smuggle contraband from the outside in, and we go behind the wire to follow dogs trained to detect tobacco and cell phones while they check the cells.

Series eight also features the work of Department of Conservation dogs trained to detect young Kiwi, a Penguin detector dog, and the world’s only trained Argentine Ant detecting dog.

Dog Squad continues to provide viewers with a remarkable insight into the fascinating work these talented teams are able to perform at airports, prisons and communities countrywide; it’s all in a days work for the Dog Squad.

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