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Doctor Death

Harold Shipman is Britain’s most prolific serial killer. A well-respected doctor he abused his position of trust and secretly poisoned over 250 of his patients.

A serial killer hiding in plain sight, Shipman groomed a community and preyed on the most vulnerable.

For the first time Detectives at the heart of the case, reveal the tactics they used to bring the man they called ‘Dr Death’ to justice’. The film exposes the scale of Shipman’s addiction to drugs that nearly saw him struck off the medical register and a nurse, in her first interview, recounts how Shipman’s killing spree began when he was a junior doctor on the hospital wards in the 1970’s.  

With new witness testimony, access to police interrogation tapes and emotional interviews with the relatives of the victims, this film tells the inside story of how ‘Doctor Death’ got away with murder for over 27 years.

Doctor Death plays Sunday 20th May, 9.00pm on TVNZ 1.

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