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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

TVNZ 2 brings you the second season of Criminal Minds spinoff - Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders!

Head of the International Response Unit, Unit Chief Jack Garrett (Gary Sinise) is back!

Don't miss as Garrett and the International Division of the FBI continue to solve crimes and come to the rescue of Americans in danger while abroad.

Also returning are the team Jack trusts with his life including Clara Seger, the smart, well-travelled and multi-lingual cultural anthropologist; Matthew Simmons, a former military hero with split-second profiling skills he honed on the battlefield; Russ "Monty" Montgomery, the unit’s compassionate, brilliant tech analyst who additionally liaises stateside with the families of those in trouble while his group is far from home; and Mae Jarvis, the team’s fearless and fun medical examiner.

These exceptional agents are dedicated to safely returning US residents home by profiling and identifying criminals who are beyond their borders.

In the first episode of season two, The International Response Team investigates the apparent suicide of an American in Colombia who emptied his bank account prior to his death.

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