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High School Mums

In this touching new TVNZ 1 local documentary series, meet the new mums at Fraser High School’s Teen Pregnancy Unit, He Puaawai, as they tackle their biggest learning curve yet – parenting their young children whilst accomplishing their education goals.

What was once a radical idea for the New Zealand education system is now a reality, as crèches and educational units attached to high schools across the county support young mums and dads as they complete their secondary school education.

He Puaawai is one of NZ’s most successful units, providing pregnant teens with education about parenting, personal development, and running a specific mana M?ori program. In High School Mums, we meet the head teacher, the principal, and a collection of young mums at this unit, as they face one of the biggest years of their life. 

These mothers are trying to achieve their dream of education and finding work, all while doing the best they can for their babies. Crash Test Mummies delves into their inspiring and life-changing success stories. 

Funded by NZ On Air.

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