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Come Home

When mother Marie flees her family home, the implications are huge.

In the wake of being left by his wife Marie, single father Greg is chaotically grappling with childcare and running the family business, Farrell Motors. He’s also making his first attempts to move on with life and start dating… However, when his first date goes horribly wrong, he finds himself drinking in his local pub alone. Here he has an explosive encounter with Farrell Motors’ sparky sandwich delivery lady, Brenna, and the two act upon a romantic spark. 

However, when edgy, inappropriate Brenna descends on the family home with her ten-year-old son in tow – Greg’s own children, still reeling from their mother’s desertion, are outraged. Meanwhile, Greg is conflicted about his new fling and still fiercely in love with Marie. When he realizes his eldest daughter, Laura, is still seeing her mother, Greg makes an impetuous decision to try and win her back.

Stream from Thursday 21st June.

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