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Celebrity Treasure Island

Sixteen celebrities marooned on an island. Two captains hold all the power. Only one person will find the hidden treasure. The ultimate treasure hunt is on!

That’s right; the highly anticipated reboot of Celebrity Treasure Island is back, bigger – and better – than ever.  

Hosted by Sunday reporter and Survivor New Zealand’s Matt Chisholm and ZM radio’s Drive host, Bree Tomasel, the reboot of this iconic Kiwi classic will see celebrity castaways battling it out in Fiji, competing against one another for the chance to win $100,000 for their charity.  

This season, the celebrity treasure hunters are: Athena Angelou, Barbara Kendall, Eric Murray, Gary Freeman, Jodie Rimmer, Karl Burnett, Ladi6, Lana Van Hout, Lily McManus, Matty McLean, Moses Mackay, Rosanna Arkle, Sam Wallace, Shane Cameron, Shannon Ryan and Zac Guildford. 

There will be plenty of twists along the way, contestants will come and go and of course, strategy will play its part. But who will join the elite ranks of Celebrity Treasure Island winners?

Celebrity Treasure Island premieres Sunday 18th August, 7pm on TVNZ 2.

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