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Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud 3

Meet the Kardashians of the Kitty world and the legendary Keyboard Cat in this hilarious special!

In this compilation of hilarious cat clips, we prove just how much the world loves our furry, purry friends - especially when they’re kind enough to do something hysterical in front of a camera!

We’ll meet internet royalty in the form of Keyboard Cat - the original cat clip Queen who has achieved iconic meme status – despite originally being filmed decades before YouTube was even invented! 

We also meet the Kardashians of the kitty world Cole and Marmalade, whose ‘bromance’ has become essential viewing for their army of fans. 

Plus the most chilled out cat on the planet, who just loves to sleep on her owner’s dashboard, a clip of which has become one of 2016’s most viewed virals. 

Cat-loving comedians Matt Richardson, Ellie Taylor and David Mills are on hand to enjoy all the fun, and pet behaviourist Peter Neville adds a bit science to the mix.

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